I know that many of us wait an entire lifetime to make it to the Antique Toy Museum in Branson, MO. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure to fulfill this dream. I know wait you're thinking... “That lucky devil!”. But before you draw and quarter my effigy out of envy, I have returned with photo-documentation of my journey. A sheer feast in vintage graphic design.

Auto Lite
Auto Lite Battery. Metal Sign.

Fun with Dick and Jane
Fun with Dick and Jane. Book.

Drink Coca Cola
Drink Coca Cola. Metal Sign.

Various Drug Store Items
Various drug store items. Packaging.

Goodyear. Metal Sign.

Legion Razor Blades
Legion Razor Blades. Packaging.

Lionel Electric Toy Trains
Lionel Electric Toy Trains. Metal Sign.

Assorted Classic Movie Posters
Assorted Classic Movies. Posters.

Mule Train Movie Poster
Mule Train starring Gene Autry. Poster.

The Magic Music Box
The Magic Music Box. Packaging.

Pennzoil. Metal Sign.

Tripple-A Rootbeer
Triple-A Rootbeer. Metal Sign.

Vicks Vaporub and Remington Tires
Vicks Vaporub and Remington Tires. Metal Signs.

View Master
View Master. Packaging.

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