This is not a blog.

It may share many similar characteristics of a blog, but this is not a blog. This is more like… a journal. An online notepad of ramblings, snippets and articles of interest. Here you may find topics ranging from design to code to branding. But despite its appearances, this is definitely not a blog… I think.

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  • Customer ≠ User

    Something I’ve been concerned with for quite some time is the term ‘user’ versus the term ‘customer.’ In many places I’ve worked at, the term that is frequently used and almost universally favored is customer. And while, as a business, I agree it is important…

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  • The Year of UX

    Over the past three years, I’ve been going through a transition. Much of it was in response to an adverse work environment, but in many ways I’ve always been on this path…

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  • Love and Branding

    Human beings are complicated creatures. We have wants and needs that guide us in everything we do. We have an amazing capacity for emotional connection with not only other human beings, but the entire world around us.

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  • Transcending the Transactional

    Lately, I’ve been mulling over the idea of transactional relationships and what they mean to the experiences we design. But transactional as opposed to what? I’ll explore the answer to that and what it means to the brand and user experience over all.

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