Imagine sitting in your home office, getting ready to go to an important meeting, your child schooling virtually in the other room, and then, suddenly, getting an emergency alert for a tornado warning pushed to your phone. Except… there was no tornado. It was a test. And the alert that you received didn't state that anywhere in the message.

As more and more automakers set goals of going all-electric in the next 10–15 years, I think about what that world might look like. Especially how they might handle an entire power grid going down like we saw recently in Texas. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% on board with electric vehicles, I just can't stop my designer's mind from pondering the worst case scenarios.

After spending a year working from home, the world feels a little more receptive to the solutions that mixed reality could bring. I'm most interested in seeing how they will use existing technology and infrastructure in the near term. Let's face it, most of us won't be running out to buy an expensive headset just to be on an enhanced version of a Zoom meeting (or, in my case, MS Teams).

In the here and now, contactless payment has surpassed cash transactions globally. Not surprising that many consumers have embraced it as we navigate the world of mask wearing and social distancing. What's amazing is that mobile wallet was still seeing lukewarm adoption just before the pandemic.

So just how important is mobile? Important enough that 12M+ households have gone mobile-only with their broadband services… Wow!




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