I've always been amazed at how slow the adoption of QR codes has been here in the US, especially compared to Southeast Asia. Predictably, the pandemic, or more specifically, the need for contactless shopping solutions, has led to an uptick. Maybe this time around, we'll see a more creative use of code destinations (like AR) which I believe, in part, the lack thereof has been to blame for its sluggishness.

DevOps is not the area of app production that I typically play in, but I'm all for a tool that can help with the cat herding that is the app release cycle. The price point is a bit rich for smaller teams and indie developers, but it's clearly built with larger teams and orgs in mind. We'll have to see if it delivers on the integrations and workflow efficiencies that it claims.

Disney has long been lauded as a case study in exemplar UX and service design. I've personally enjoyed there use of RFID-enabled MagicBands, but often wondered why they didn't make use of the mobile app, mobile wallet, and smart watch experience instead. Apparently they did too!

If you're an Apple user like me and have felt guilty about your recent investment in Nest Audios and Nest Minis, you may be relieved to learn that Apple has discontinued their original HomePod. If you own a HomePod (also like me), it may not be missed on you that, as an Apple product, it seemed to… ahem, lack attention. We'll see if the adorable little minis fare any better.

And I have no idea what a practical application of a 30x 'microscope' camera might be, but I'm here for it!



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