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Re: Smart Standards. I mentioned last week that the interoperability standard in smart home tech was set to roll out later this year. Yeah, about that… apparently it has been delayed to 2022. But considering that this addresses the networking layer — essentially the heart of the connect experience — it's probably important that they take their time and get it right.

Galaxy Watch. With all the fuss around the Z Fold and the Z Flip — and rightfully so — news about the Galaxy Watch4 likely fell on many deaf ears. Now, I do not own any of the previous versions nor do I plan on buying the new one anytime soon, I am still an advocate for a diverse market of offerings. And, as a design nerd, I genuinely enjoy seeing how competing teams solve similar problems (e.g. screens & interactions).

Android 12 Beta. The fourth release of the Android 12 beta includes an accessibility feature that allows users to control their phone with their face! Some of the face gestures may sound a little odd, but I try to imagine what it is like for someone whose mobility is so limited that those types of controls may be the only options. And, having seen otherwise able-bodied people use accessibility features to enhance their overall experience, I wonder what unexpected use cases may come out of face gestures.

Mobile Wallet. If you own a Samsung Galaxy, you may be pleased to know that you can now show proof of vaccination status in Samsung Pay. Available on virtually all phones since 2015, you'll be able to access a digital vaccine card via the CommonHealth app. These are the sorts of helpful features that solve real world problems that I like seeing apps evolve into.

Robots! And to wrap up this issue, Tesla is reportedly working on a humanoid robot. Because of course they are!

Bonus: Here's a video of the updated iPadOS keyboard shortcut menu. My current focus is on tablets, so I'm constantly looking for studies like these. Enjoy!




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