It's an icy Monday morning in the KC Metro and, as I type this, I'm already contemplating the week ahead. The week behind us brought the first Galaxy Unpacked of new year and the usual outlets were abuzz with S24 Series reviews. And that's where we'll start for this week's issue of ICYMI… 😉

Week 3 (01/14–01/20)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. Galaxy AI is here.

Samsung… had its first Galaxy Unpacked of 2024. As expected, the new S24 Series was announced — powered by Galaxy AI — along with a not-so-expected… Galaxy Ring(?!). Worth keeping an eye on as we continue to see the convergence of AI with smartphones. You can watch the Official Replay here.

Apple… overtook Samsung as the leader in global smartphone shipments. According to analysts, a trend towards premium phones and a competitive Android market were contributing factors. Something to keep an eye out for if you support apps in other parts of the world.

Also, Apple… began pre-orders for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The first hands-on reviews also began rolling out, but I’m more interested in the apps that will come with it (and the ones that won’t). And what I’m most interested in is where it will take us and what industries might adopt it outside the home.

Automotive… industry saw connected vehicles make up 2/3 of sales in 2023. If those vehicles support Android Auto, they also saw some updates rollout for Samsung users. And some OEMs even want to put ChatGPT in your car. Whew!

CNET… is catching blowback from AI-generated content. Besides the eyebrow raising around the author not being human, the articles often contained glaring errors and outright plagiarism, necessitating corrections and retractions. A cautionary tale, yes, but it was just so meta I could not NOT include it.



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