I hope your Monday is off to a good start. Me, I’m walking into competing priorities and a slightly full inbox due to being out on Friday. This issue, we’ll wade the waters of government regulations in the mobile app space with some tech event news to balance things out.

Week 11 (03/10–03/16)

I/O in gradient colors on the horizon of a gridline landscape

TikTok… faces the possibility of a ban in the U.S. A bill passed in the House that would force ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to either divest or be removed from app stores. Officials have stated data security and privacy concerns as motive behind the bill, but potentially impacted small businesses are not convinced. Video included.

Apple… to allow web distribution in the EU. In compliance with the Digital Marketing Act, developers will now be able to distribute their apps directly from their own websites. In turn, the developers will have to follow strict guidelines to meet “Notarization” requirements. Read the official announcement.

Google…  announced the official date for I/O 2024. Tuesday, May 14th is when you should mark your calendar. Pixel 8a launch, Android 15, and Google AI updates are among the things expected to be covered in this year’s annual conference. Registration is now open.

Microsoft… will hold its Surface event this week. Aside from the obvious Surface device announcements, we can expect to hear a lot about Copilot AI and likely some Windows updates. Although, admittedly, with the recent news of Android support being shuttered, I’m more interested in if they will offer any alternatives (I don’t suspect they will).

Bluetooth… celebrates 20 years of evolution. Not headline news per se, but a historical overview of wireless audio and the products it has made possible. Innately mobile, file this one under supporting tech that mobile app peeps should at least have a working knowledge of.

And if you need some inspiration to start your week, check out these banking app on iOS (complete with screenshots).



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