It’s April 1 aka April Fools’ Day and the weather in the KC Metro seems to be playing a prank on us all — it can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold. And the new cycle for last week was about the same — a couple of hot ones with the rest being pretty chill. So, I took the liberty of including some non-news pieces in this issue’s link roundup. I hope you approve ☺️

Week 13 (03/24–03/30)


Apple… announced dates for WWDC24 — June 10–14. Expect to hear the latest on platforms (iOS 18), technologies (mixed reality), and (developer) tools. The Keynote — for designers, developers, and product people alike — will be held on June 10 and will be accessible online.

Also, Apple… is expected to launch new iPad models in early May. Reports say the new Pro models will come with OLED displays and the Air with a larger (12.9-inch) display. I usually don’t traffic in rumors, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is a known reliable source.


How does 911 call routing work (in the mobile era)? An informational piece highlighting the difficulties of tracking 911 calls and dispatching in the mobile era as well as the tech improvements and regulatory changes that make it easier. I admittedly knew absolutely nothing about this, but found the wicked problem of mobile emergency calls intriguing and thought you might as well! Audio version included.

In-App Browsers: The worst erosion of user choice you haven't heard of. A consumer awareness piece from Open Web Advocacy explaining how In-App Browsers (IABs) can subvert user choice and undermine user privacy and how product teams can remedy it. Again, I didn’t know very much about this one and thought perhaps you didn’t either — so I shared! Video included.

Do you know how terrible the early smartphone era was? An opinion piece revisiting the yesteryears of mobile tech from custom data transfer to custom ringtones. It’s worth the stroll down memory lane to appreciate how far we’ve come!



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