With the Apple Event just a half hour away, I had hoped to get this out yesterday. In this issue, we’ll cover some of the predicted announcements for today’s event as well as some Google I/O updates and some regulatory news in the mobile space. If you do not read this until after the event (it’s an early one), fear not — you can still entertain yourself with how accurate the predictions were.

Week 18 (04/28–05/04)

Apple CEO Tim Cook standing in front of four iPad models

Apple… iPad event is today — here’s what to expect. An M3 iPad Pro with OLED, an M2 iPad Air, and a potentially squeeze-able Apple Pencil. Note that these are rumors and we won’t know for sure until 7am PT/10am ET, but it’s always fun to try to guess the announcements beforehand (we literally used to make a game of it before most of us switched to WFH). If you prefer something more listenable, check out this episode of 9to5Mac Daily.

Also in iPad news,

iPadOS… will have to comply with the DMA in the EU. The operating system was deemed a “gatekeeper” due in part to the high number of business users and an important way for companies to reach their customers. Like with iOS, Apple will have to allow for third party apps from outside the App Store.

Google… I/O 2024 program details are now live! From Mobile to Web, AI to Cloud — kicking it all off with the keynote of course — you can now start planning your itinerary for this year’s conference. Aside from obvious Android and AI updates, dive deeper on what to expect in this article from CNET.

Rabbit R1… portable AI is really just an Android app? If so, that’s not entirely uncommon — my iFit integrated treadmill is totally running Android under the hood. But the real issue here is, if true, is a separate device really needed? For a much deeper dive, check out this episode of The Engadget Podcast.

FCC… hits mobile carriers with a $200M fine for sharing data. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon were alleged to have been selling customers’ location data to third parties without consent. Predictably, the companies deny any wrongdoing.



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