I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Me, I’m just trying to remember that today is Tuesday (not Monday). Last week was a lighter news week, with some announcements coming from Microsoft as part of the Build developers conference with some low key tidbits from Apple. Let’s jump in!

Week 21 (05/19–05/25)

Microsoft Build banner image with color abastract art in the background

Microsoft… held its Surface and Copilot Event (and/or Build conf). In it, new Surface Pro 2-in-1’s were announced plus Copilot all the things! With a major case of Google I/O déjà vu, replace “Pixel” with “Surface,” “Gemini” with “Copilot,” and there you have it. Here’s the timeline of events, the keynote, and follow-up podcast.

Humane…  the company behind AI Pin, is looking for a buyer. After lots of pre-release hype followed by scathing product reviews, the news comes as no surprise. The tech itself is intriguing and speaks, at least in part, for a desire to get off our phones. But clearly we’re not there yet.

Bluesky… social networking app announced the launch of DMs. The Twitter alternative will now support what many would call a table stakes feature for desktop and mobile. I guess the fact I didn’t notice it even missing speaks volumes about my usage.

Apple… rolled out a design refresh of its developer forums. Caught by Dave Verwer of iOS Dev Weekly, the refresh comes just weeks before this year’s WWDC. Following the traditional forum format, a variety of user submitted topics are covered from Accessibility & Inclusion to Design to Spatial Computing.

Also, Apple… rolled out iOS 17.5.1 and iPadOS 17.5.1. Other than providing “important bug fixes” as well as resolving a zombie photo issue with reappearing deletions, there’s not much else to it. See here for the release notes for this update (and previous ones).

And finally, if Figma is your jam, the official iOS 17 resource from Apple was released.



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