It's WWDC week and the keynote is less than an hour away. In this issue, we'll touch on predicted announcements as well as other news around the mobile space from last week. No time to waste — let’s jump in!

Week 23 (06/02–06/08)

Apple Design Award 2024 Winners

Apple… kicks off WWDC24 — predictions for iOS. Following suit with everyone else, expect to hear a ton of AI announcements and its integration into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and other platforms in the ecosystem. The keynote is today at 12pm CT — here’s how to watch.

Also, Apple… announced the Design Award winners ahead of the keynote. The categories ranged from Delight and Fun to Spatial Computing across apps and games. Correction: I had stated in the previous issue that the announcements were expected during WWDC. My bad.

Instagram… began testing “unskippable” ads that you can’t scroll past. Annoying to users, but not a surprising business move as we’re seeing streaming services trend in the same direction — even for paid subscriptions. It seems we’re making full circle from the broadcast television days (and radio before that).

Mobile AI… proliferation projected to be driven by smartphone OEMs. A new report from market research firm Counterpoint states smartphones are the perfect platform for the democratization of AI. The post includes infographics explaining supply chain relationships and shipment forecasts into 2027. The timing of this report was perfect!

For timeliness, I cut this issue a little short. See you on the other side of WWDC! 🤙



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