I hope your week is going well. Last week, tons of news came out from Apple as they held their annual developer conference. So much that, admittedly, I’m still sifting through most of the announcements and sessions myself. That said, I’m sharing some of the key points, but with the usual focus around mobile. So, without further ado, the WWDC24 issue!

Week 24 (06/09–06/15)

Skydivers with rainbow striped parachutes that read 'Apple presents WWDC24'

WWDC24… wrapped last week — here’s the recap! Apple announced iOS & iPadOS 18 as well as Apple Intelligence (more below). The next versions of visionOS, watchOS, and macOS were also announced, but the theme of the year was definitely AI. Here are the highlights.

iOS 18… gets a major redesign and more personalization. Leaning into customization, the next version of iOS will allow custom app icon colors, more control over the Home Screen layout, and a Controls gallery for Control Center. iPhones will also get a shot in the arm from AI (more below). Here’s the preview.

iPadOS 18… also gets major redesign and then some. Everything stated above for iOS plus a new Calculator app for iPad, Smart Script for cleaning up your scribble, and Game Mode for, well, gaming. On the UI side, a new navigation component was introduced for iPad specific apps. Here’s the preview.

Apple Intelligence… was definitely the biggest announcement of WWDC. Billed as “AI for the rest of us,” Apple Intelligence aims to help users with daily tasks, in context. It will be deeply integrated with the entire Apple ecosystem and will assist with writing, image generation, and bring improvements to Siri. The beta lands this fall, here’s the preview until then.

Apps Roundup… The new Password app was announced. Photos gets an overhaul. Settings gets header cards. Notes gets some upgrades. Reminders gets integrated into Calendar. Whew, and there’s still more… check out this video on Apple “sherlocking” other apps.

And we’ve only just scratched the surface!



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